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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Output functions for BEL graphs to Neo4j."""

from tqdm import tqdm

from ..constants import (
from ..utils import flatten_dict

__all__ = [

[docs]def to_neo4j(graph, neo_connection, use_tqdm: bool = False): """Upload a BEL graph to a Neo4j graph database using :mod:`py2neo`. :param pybel.BELGraph graph: A BEL Graph :param neo_connection: A :mod:`py2neo` connection object. Refer to the `py2neo documentation <>`_ for how to build this object. :type neo_connection: str or py2neo.Graph Example Usage: >>> import py2neo >>> import pybel >>> from pybel.examples import sialic_acid_graph >>> neo_graph = py2neo.Graph("http://localhost:7474/db/data/") # use your own connection settings >>> pybel.to_neo4j(sialic_acid_graph, neo_graph) """ import py2neo if isinstance(neo_connection, str): neo_connection = py2neo.Graph(neo_connection) tx = neo_connection.begin() node_map = {} nodes = list(graph) if use_tqdm: nodes = tqdm(nodes, desc='nodes') for node in nodes: if NAMESPACE not in node or VARIANTS in node or MEMBERS in node or FUSION in node: attrs = {'name': node.as_bel()} else: attrs = {'namespace': node.namespace} if and node.identifier: attrs['name'] = attrs['identifier'] = node.identifier elif node.identifier and not attrs['name'] = node.identifier elif and not node.identifier: attrs['name'] = node_map[node] = py2neo.Node(node.function, **attrs) tx.create(node_map[node]) edges = graph.edges(keys=True, data=True) if use_tqdm: edges = tqdm(edges, desc='edges') for u, v, key, node in edges: rel_type = node[RELATION] d = node.copy() del d[RELATION] attrs = {} annotations = d.pop(ANNOTATIONS, None) if annotations: for annotation, values in annotations.items(): attrs[annotation] = list(values) citation = d.pop(CITATION, None) if citation: attrs[CITATION] = citation.curie if EVIDENCE in d: attrs[EVIDENCE] = d[EVIDENCE] for side in (SOURCE_MODIFIER, TARGET_MODIFIER): side_data = d.get(side) if side_data: attrs.update(flatten_dict(side_data, parent_key=side)) rel = py2neo.Relationship(node_map[u], rel_type, node_map[v], key=key, **attrs) tx.create(rel) tx.commit()