PyBEL Documentation

Biological Expression Language (BEL) is a domain-specific language that enables the expression of complex molecular relationships and their context in a machine-readable form. Its simple grammar and expressive power have led to its successful use in the to describe complex disease networks with several thousands of relationships.

PyBEL is a pure Python software package that parses BEL scripts, validates their semantics, and facilitates data interchange between common formats and database systems like JSON, CSV, Excel, SQL, CX, and Neo4J. Its companion package, PyBEL-Tools, contains a library of functions for analysis of biological networks. For result-oriented guides, see the PyBEL-Notebooks repository.

Installation is as easy as getting the code from PyPI with python3 -m pip install pybel


If you use PyBEL in your work, please cite [1]:

[1]Hoyt, C. T., et al. (2017). PyBEL: a Computational Framework for Biological Expression Language. Bioinformatics, 34(December), 1–2.

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